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Employee Directory add-in: Collaborate & communicate with your employees anytime, anywhere.

If you are looking for SPFx HR Directory 365 for a Modern SharePoint theme, please visit the Microsoft appsource

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Beyond Intranet SharePoint Employee Directory software makes your life easier if you must manage information about your office employees at one place and want to quickly access them anytime.

Employee Directory add-in puts your directory at your fingertips with a simplified easy-breezy look. You can access or manage your employee information anytime using any device using advanced filters for name/location/department/job title.

The SharePoint Company Directory can be integrated with MS Teams, Skype for Business, and other emailing applications. With the latest SharePoint Framework (SPFx) Employee Directory loads in seconds, no matter your employee database size.

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The SharePoint Employee Directory add-in comes bundled with:

  • Birthday and Work Anniversary Reminder
  • Organizational Chart add-in
  • Beyond Intranet mobile application

Available configurations for SharePoint Directory:

  • Personalization as per your corporate identity
  • Multilingual options available
  • Easy syncing of employee’s information from SharePoint user profile
  • Find direct links to staff profiles in Delve
  • Seamless integration with mobile platforms
  • Fully responsive and works offline as well
  • Upload pictures from SharePoint user profile, Outlook or custom picture source

Features of SharePoint Employee Directory:

  • View complete details of employees within the organization
  • View/Live Chat/Call employees within the Office 365 tenant
  • Send instant emails to any employee directly from the add-in
  • Add/ delete or edit fields on the cards/List as per your need
  • Office 365 ‘Search’ capabilities by fetching more than 500 employees at a time
  • Blacklist/remove unwanted SharePoint usernames
  • Alphabetically arranged organization’s people
  • Added Modern (SPFx) web-part.
  • Centralized place for your people to find and connect with coworker

On-demand Employee Directory Features:

  • Organization Chart Print

Beyond Intranet Advantage:

Beyond Intranetprovides purpose-built enterprise solutions configured to industry specific needs.

  • Beyond Intranet is Microsoft Gold Partner Company
  • Dedicated team of SharePoint and Office365 developers
  • Dedicated support team, always happy to help you
  • Regular updates to provide new features and bug fixes
  • 1 hour of FREE support for configuring and troubleshooting

The application is available for 7 days trial and you may need to go for In-App Purchase to continue using this add-in.

SharePoint Staff Directory

Please Note:

  • The SharePoint Employee Directory add-in does not work on IE 9 or below
  • Recommended browsers for SharePoint staff Directory: Chrome, Firefox, IE 10 and above

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