SigningHub – Shared Document Signing

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The most secure way to sign any document using advanced digital signatures


Electronically sign and track documents directly from SharePoint

The SigningHub add-in enables users to securely sign, send and track documents directly from any online SharePoint document library. Organisations can improve efficiency by reducing the time it takes to get documents signed through automated workflows and document status overview.

SigningHub provides advanced long-term digital signatures using unique PKI keys for every user. User signing keys can be automatically generated and certified based on user’s rights within Microsoft Active Directory.

Internal users can prepare, sign and share documents directly from within the SharePoint environment. External users can review and sign documents by accessing the SigningHub web interface directly.

The SigningHub – Shared Document Signing add-in works with both SharePoint Online as well as on-premise deployments.

Key Features:

• Share or sign a document in any document library, including custom document libraries

• Support for document sets to enable documents to be stored and shared

• Quickly apply templates and start workflows directly in SharePoint

• Easily sign documents from SigningHub and maintain any SharePoint revisions

• Manage who can access the SigningHub – Shared Document Signing add-in

• Quickly identify the intended reviewers/signers from within SharePoint

• Completed, signed/approved documents are automatically sent back to SharePoint

• Track the status of all documents that have been sent for signing

• Offers sequential signing (in the order defined) and parallel signing (in any order)

• The use of PAdES advanced long-term digital signatures ensures the digital signatures stay valid for 15+ years

• Offers multiple user authentication options including Active Directory authentication as well as options such as One Time Passwords (OTP) and mobile-based signing

• Users can sign with an e-signature secured with the user’s own unique long-term digital signature or a witness digital signature (when the signer doesn’t have a PKI of their own)

• PKI keys can be held securely on the SigningHub server. For increased trust/security PKI keys can be held within HSM hardware products including Microsoft Azure Key Vault, within a local smartcard or USB token (or less securely in the Windows software key store), or securely within a mobile device.


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