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Make the best impression with your text. Proofread your document to fix style and consistency.

Proofreading is time-consuming and costly. Consultants, lawyers, proposal managers, marketers, engineers, researchers, authors, technical writers and other professionals spend hours each week on proofreading. Documents need to be checked and double-checked to ensure that they are free from typos and don’t contain costly mistakes that can damage your reputation. Consistency errors are particularly difficult to find. Imagine how much better your text could be, and how much time you could save, with software that enforces style preferences and locates consistency mistakes instantly.

PerfectIt is the leading add-in among professional editors, with thousands of editors around the world using it. PerfectIt locates errors that no spelling or grammar checker can find. It focuses on consistency mistakes and other difficult-to-locate errors that can take hours to find manually. For example, PerfectIt checks for:

  • Inconsistent hyphenation (email/e-mail).
  • Capitalization inconsistencies (government/Government).
  • Variations in spelling (colour/color).
  • Abbreviations defined the first time they are used.
  • List punctuation and capitalization.
  • Tables in the correct order.
  • And much more!

PerfectIt can also help enforce your house style. It comes with built-in style manuals for Canadian, Australian, British and US English, as well as the option to check specific preferences for American Legal Style, United Nations Style, European Union Style or Australian Government Style.

With PerfectIt, you spend less time checking small errors and have more time for what matters: your words and their meaning.

PerfectIt has a 14-day free trial for all users that gives full access to every feature. Continued access to PerfectIt requires a subscription from

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