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Q for Success - quick access to academic resources

11trees LLC

Guided and streamlined access to the best academic resources with a focus on research and writing.

Q for Success streamlines access to research databases and online writing help. The free version, available to all, highlights Google Scholar, iSeek, and Q can be customized for your institution to offer single sign-on via Canvas, to integrate library research, tutoring, library chat, writing center, and other crucial academic resources. Just contact us ( to learn more.

Q also offers modules to help students become better academic writers, demystifying processes like integrating quotes and coming up with original arguments.

Q for Success is a Word Add-in that helps students become confident academic writers.

Customized for your institution, Q:

  • Brings your library research resources inside Microsoft Word, so students can search while they are creating.
  • Streamlines access to crucial academic resources like tutoring, writing center and similar.
  • Demystifies and simplifies library research and helps students transition from Google search.
  • Centralizes research and writing help and puts it in front of students in their chosen work environment (Word) .
  • Teaches students how to integrate quotes into their writing and avoid plagiarism.
  • Helps students develop and refine thesis statements.

Q simplifies access to research resources and other solutions that your students use all the time. Q also includes modules to help students master academic writing and other tasks.

Users that are not affiliated with a client institution can still use Q for Success to gain access to widely accepted, credible research resources.

Whether directly searching library resources, research databases, online directories, or similar, Q will help the people important to you ask better questions. And good questions lead to wisdom.

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