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Convert your message to Squigl video

Squigl Teams Bot is an artificially intelligent platform that turns text into animated presentations seamlessly while adhering to neuroscientific guidelines. These guidelines combine multiple concepts to tell a story and are valuable in contextualizing information. As a matter of fact, 6x more effective than spoken presentations and 2x more effective than visual presentations. Often, instructions are difficult to communicate and share. Squigl teams bot increases engagement and understanding of information by six folds when compared to traditional written instruction. When an idea is presented both audibly and visually, it’s much more likely to be remembered than audio or text alone.

Human brains are wired to pay attention to movement. In fact, your brain can force your head to turn towards a moving object. Squigl utilizes animation to provide the right amount of motion without feeling out of place or contrived. The movement of glyphs enables presenters to keep viewer attention.

Curiosity, or the desire to learn, is enabled through surprise. That is, when a brain is surprised, it naturally wants more information and is willing to remain engaged to learn it. Each visual animation through Squigl is an opportunity to surprise viewers, keeping their brain engaged with the message.

Squigl Bot let's you transform your message into an animated presentation in a matter of seconds. Squigl supports every sentence of your message with new imagery to keep information retention high.You simply write or copy text in Microsoft teams and the bot associates keywords within the narrative. It then ties animated images or ‘glyphs’ together and creates a whiteboard animation video without the need for design or creative expertise. Squigl Bot will give you a video ready to be shared with learners throughout your organization! For free users, Squigl bots limits you to 3 videos with an added watermark. With a Pro subscription, users can create unlimited videos up to three minutes long, along with all the great features Squigl has to offer. Along with users Squigl teams bot subscription, regardless if they are free or pro have access to the Squigl application on the web for further editing and customization.

Start Squigling today with Squigl Team Bot!

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