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Add client emails to conversations, from Teams. Ask colleagues for help; reply directly from Teams.

Add Emails to Microsoft Teams Conversations from Teams

If you receive important emails from customers and need help from colleagues to answer them, Email TeamMate is for you.

With Email TeamMate, you can add customer emails to Teams conversations in a single click… without leaving Teams.  Ask for help and get your colleagues’ advice before answering. Colleagues can even answer the email, directly from Teams. 

Working from home has never been so easy, because Email TeamMate helps you be self-sufficient and independent by creating one coherent business conversation between Outlook and Teams.

By staying in Teams you maintain focus, which today, is more critical than ever.

Key Features

  • Share Email with colleagues in Teams

  • View and reply to emails in Teams

  • Find the right email to share, quickly

Key Benefits

  • Get help from colleagues in real-time

  • Be productive while working from home

  • Stay in focus


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