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Power up your tender's reponse and contract management with Aitenders Smart Draft For Microsoft Word

Smart Draft: Enhance traceability by drafting, covering and tracking requirements in any document from Microsoft Word

• Aitenders Smart Draft is a powerful tool that allows you to easily cover requirements in a project and generate a requirement table that you can conveniently include in your Microsoft Word documents.

• To access our platform, you must sign in using an existing Aitenders account. Insert your company’s domain, your professional email/password. If you belong to many companies then you must also select one of them.

• Once you have signed in, to display requirements, you need to select a project and a deliverable from the predefined lists.

• With Aitenders Smart Draft you have quick access to your deliverables and project requirements. All requirements are organized by document, and clause. Smart draft displays useful information concerning the percentage of coverage in a deliverable. You can effortlessly know which document or clause contains non covered requirements, which make the coverage process less time consuming and more efficient.

• Save time by simply checking or unchecking the box on each requirement to cover or uncover it.

• Once requirement coverage is complete, you can insert a table with all the requirements that have been covered in the selected deliverable in your Microsoft Word document.

• You can search for a specific requirement by keywords or by id. Quickly access requirements in a specific document or clause at any level of the requirement view. Just click on the overview button and all the documents and clauses are displayed.

Key Features and Benefits:

> Easily access Aitenders from the Word Ribbon

> Login with an existing Aitenders account.

> Recover document structure, requirements from documents of your Project.

> Link information written in Word document with the requirements Database


You will need an Aitenders subscription to use this Add-in.

Contact your enterprise administrator if you don't have an Aitenders subscription or contact to learn more about Aitenders and to connect with a sales representative.

Compatibility Information:

> Aitenders for Microsoft Word do not support Internet Explorer 11 ( IE11) and older versions.

> Aitenders for Microsoft Word relies on Aitenders, which is subscription-based service.

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