Libretta® for Outlook 365

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Write the perfect email for each person. People are different. Speak differently.

Research shows that emails are misinterpreted 50% of the time.

It’s hard to persuade people in email.

Libretta® helps you write the perfect email for each person,

so you get more positive responses and,

avoid saying the wrong thing or using the wrong words.

Professionals who need to persuade others can now find out instantly

what is motivating people, how they think and make decisions when they write,

and it helps you respond.

You can see for yourself what a difference Libretta® makes in the response you get.

Libretta® uses patented AI to analyze incoming emails,

check if your replies fit the incoming email, and in your new emails.

Available in Microsoft Outlook 365 on Mac, PC and in

How Libretta® works:

Libretta® for free identifies the sender’s Motivation Triggers™ in incoming emails.

Libretta® Premium adds:

A more detailed analysis of incoming emails,

with specific recommended phrases to use and not use in your reply to get a positive response.

Analyses your reply and gives you a Fit Score & suggestions.

Identifies your Motivation Triggers™ in your writing.

Helps you find the right words to get your message across and checks to make sure you got it right.

People think differently, and now you can adapt your writing to the sender,

especially in high-stakes business and personal communication.

One small subscription for you,

one giant leap in your persuasive abilities! 😊

Az alkalmazás képességei

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  • Ez az alkalmazás hozzáfér az aktív üzenetben található személyes adatokhoz (például törzs, tárgy, feladó, címzettek és mellékletadatok), és módosíthatja azokat. Ezeket az adatokat egy harmadik fél szolgáltatásának továbbíthatja. A postaláda egyéb elemeit nem tudja olvasni vagy módosítani.