Stratum Connector for Excel

kiadó: Silvon Software Inc

Combine the power of Stratum with the flexibility of Excel

The Stratum Connector for Excel add-in lets you securely download your Stratum data directly from the Stratum Data Hub into your Excel workbooks. Once downloaded, you can leverage the full power of Excel for further transformation, analysis, and presentation of your Stratum data. For example, craft new reports using Stratum dimensions, time ranges and measures using Excel’s Pivot tables and Power Query over the downloaded data. Your reports are automatically refreshed to ensure you are always working with the most current Stratum data. Elevating the add-in to a full-circle data management tool is its Upload Data To Stratum command. The command quickly uploads spreadsheet data into the Stratum Data Hub utilizing Stratum Data Import functionality. The uploaded data can originate from Stratum or other data sources such as a forecasting application or budget spreadsheets.

To use this add-in, you need a valid URL for a secure (HTTPS) Stratum environment and Stratum credentials that authenticate your access to Stratum.

The minimum version of Stratum required to use the add-in is Stratum V7.3.

Supported Excel versions.

• Excel 2016 or later on Windows

• Excel 2019 or later on Windows

• Microsoft 365 versions 16.0.11629 or higher on Windows

• Excel on the web


- This add-in requires a valid license to specific Stratum products.

- For more information on Silvon’s Stratum products and services, and how you can license Stratum, please visit us at

Add-in capabilities

When this add-in is used, it

• Can read and make changes to your document

• Can send data over the Internet

Az alkalmazás képességei

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  • Adatokat küldhet az interneten keresztül