Lepaya Learning

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Learn Power Skills and be happier at the workplace!

You can use this app to learn Power Skills - Read, watch, and take quizzes with the curated content!

What are Power Skills?

The skills of success. They are future-proof competencies that require both soft and hard skills. You can learn how to navigate difficult conversations, take ownership, collaborate & influence, and so much more.

How does it work?

We use the blended learning approach: you will learn all the toolkits digitally from this app. Then you will practice your freshly acquired skills with our trainers and actors. Come back anytime when you need the refreshers! We will start by identifying the skills you need by scanning your current competencies and interests.

How can I start?

You will need a registered account with Lepaya to start learning with us. If Lepaya is a training partner of your organization, this app has to be added to each team - so reach out to your Human Resources or Learning & Development team! Then you will receive instructions on how to activate your learning journey.

If we are not working with you, and this sounds like what your organization needs, contact us for a demo at

Have fun, learn lots!

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