touchSMS for Teams

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Send and receive SMS and MMS directly from Microsoft Teams with touchSMS

Send and receive SMS and MMS directly from Microsoft Teams with touchSMS App. Adding SMS to your Microsoft Teams environment extends the reach of your communication and ensures you can stay in touch with your contacts, even after they look away from their screen.

Once connected, touchSMS will be added to your Message Extensions tools for quick sending. Select Send SMS to open the sending screen, where you can enter one or multiple numbers, select from saved contacts or groups, compose your SMS or MMS and just click SEND! Not ready to send? No problem - schedule the message for delivery at a later date/time.

touchSMS for Teams is a great way to stay on top of support, marketing or customer service queries, as inbound SMS and SMS replies are routed to the Team or Chat of your choice. All messages sent and received appear in your message history, so you always have a record of communication.

Currently available in Australia and New Zealand

touchSMS for Teams Features:

  • Send and receive SMS from collaborative Teams chats - visible to all members
  • Send and receive SMS privately from touchSMS App
  • Send and receive MMS (Australia only. With Virtual Number)
  • Schedule SMS for later delivery
  • SMS Conversation Threading in Teams chats
  • Create Contacts and Groups
  • Save templates for quick sending
  • Notifications of inbound SMS
  • Pin touchSMS for Team App to your Microsoft Teams Menu for easy access

Sign up to touchSMS and add SMS to your Teams App NOW!

touchSMS is a Prepaid SMS Platform - 5c per SMS/ 25c per MMS

(5c per credit - 1 credit per Australian SMS & 2 credits per NZ SMS. Pricing in AUD)

No contracts. No hidden fees.

Visit to sign up for free - no credit card required.

Get 10 FREE SMS credits when you register.

To talk to one of our experts, call us on +61 2 9518 5955 or email

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