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Send directly from and receive SMS (text messages) into your Microsoft Teams chat threads

Edgility streamlines SMS communication via direct integrations with Microsoft 365 products.

Edgility's SMS for Microsoft Teams App extends the reach of your communication. With SMS for Teams, you can now add the ability to send and receive SMS (text messages) from your Microsoft Teams chat threads.

Simply click the SMS Extension in your chat to reveal the Sending Screen, compose your message and click SEND! Your message is also submitted to the chat thread, where it becomes part of your Teams conversation. Stay on top of support or customer service queries by having inbound SMS and SMS replies routed to the Team or Chat of your choice. You'll be notified of inbound text messages and replies with message alerts in Microsoft Teams.

This App is an extension of Edgility's enterprise SMS platform, which allows for multi-user account provisioning and management. So you can setup Edgility SMS for Teams for your entire staff - no matter where they are, while managing a single account.

Currently available in Australia and New Zealand

The features of Edgility SMS for Teams:

  • Send SMS to one or multiple numbers from within your Teams chat
  • Receive Inbound SMS and Replies to your Teams or Chat thread
  • Pin SMS for Teams App to your Microsoft Teams Menu for easy access
  • Setup App for multiple staff/team members on one central account

Visit to sign up now. To talk to one of our experts, call us on +61 2 9518 5955 or email

Here’s why SMS is so effective

With almost as many handsets in circulation as there are people on earth, SMS is perhaps the most widely accepted form of communication available. 98% of text messages are read by their intended recipient with 3 minutes of delivery. The immediacy and rate of successful delivery makes it more effective for reminders, alerts, and notifications than email.

SMS is who we are.

With two decades of experience in mobile technology, Edgility are leaders in the development and integration of SMS conversational tools. Whatever your objective, Edgility can offer a simple, sometimes automated, solution to ensure SMS communication is effectively implemented into your marketing or transactional channels. Send or schedule SMS campaigns, receive replies, import contacts, view live delivery reporting, interact using the SMS Chat, integrate SMS into other systems using our APIs and more.

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