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Introducing Crystal, the AI-powered Decision Intelligence Tool to analyze your business data

Available 24/7 via the app and web on Microsoft Teams, Crystal connects your existing data sources (APIs, BI tools, and Databases) and provides a single point of access to analyze data by simply asking questions via text or voice in natural language like speaking with a colleague.

Specializing in numbers and analytics, Crystal always provides accurate, certified, and reliable insights while keeping your company data safe and private. The model understands and recognizes the unique taxonomy and lexicon of the business so that it can speak your business language.

No more trawling through dashboards or asking data analysts to create reports. You can access the information you need, when needed, through a simple UI and collaborate with your team, other departments, and stakeholders wherever you are.

It also facilitates deeper insight exploration through suggestions, analytics insights, alerts, forecasts, and data sharing, helping you and your team make data-driven decisions and increasing customer satisfaction and business growth.

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