Office to MOXIS eSignature

kiadó: XiTrust Secure Technologies GmbH

Legally compliant e-signing solution for Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint

Increase the efficiency of your e-signing document workflows with the Office to MOXIS add-in that is accessible via the ribbon bar in one click. It allows you to securely upload your documents to MOXIS (subscription-based signing service) as PDF files where you can process them with the highest legal standards regarding the signature quality.

Edit your Word or Excel documents and PowerPoint presentations comfortably as usual. Then seamlessly switch to any signature process available in MOXIS via the Office to MOXIS add-in provided by XiTrust - The eSignature Company. Use all the functionalities of MOXIS to design the document or presentation according to your wishes (signature quality, recipients, signatories/advocates, etc.). Send the link to the document via e-mail to internal and external parties, safe in the knowledge that the highest legal and security standards are met. Once the signing workflow is complete, you can download the document and save it in a location of your choice.

Please note: This add-in is free to download but an active MOXIS subscription together with the acceptance of the MOXIS Cloud Service Provisions is required.

If you have already acquired MOXIS subscriptions, the use of the Office to MOXIS add-in and the related personal data processing is subject to the MOXIS Terms including the data processing agreement applicable to the purchased MOXIS versions (MOXIS Cloud Service Provisions, Enterprise On-Prem Perpetual License Provisions or Enterprise On-Prem Subscription Provisions).

If MOXIS is new to you and you wish to accelerate your signature processes up to 90%, register for a free trial month for the MOXIS Business Cloud on the XiTrust website. Our sales staff will be happy to advise you on how you can use MOXIS to your company’s advantage. Contact us via our sales inquiry form.

Key features and benefits:

  • Easy access to the Office to MOXIS add-in from the ribbon bar
  • Secure upload of Word or Excel documents and PowerPoint presentations to MOXIS
  • Login with MOXIS account
  • Effortless switch from document editing to legally binding e-signature workflows
  • Fast e-signature workflow with better customer experience

Compatibility Information:

Office to MOXIS for:

  • Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint works with MOXIS version 4.44 and higher.
  • Microsoft Word is supported for Word 2013 (Windows only), Word 2016 (Windows only) and Word online.
  • Microsoft Excel is supported for Windows as well as Excel online.
  • Microsoft PowerPoint is supported for Windows as well as PowerPoint online.
  • Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint is compatible with XiTrust MOXIS which is subscription-based service.

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