kiadó: Aide Aye Applications Inc.

A hassle-free Machine Learning Excel App empowers user to quickly solving Insurance Business Problem

With hundreds of millions (or even billion) Excel users in the world, Aidy is an add-in tool for business users to apply machine learning technique to tackle their business problems using a tool (Excel) they are familiar with. It is designed in a way that Aidy would become a powerful library of functions containing the key elements required to perform a machine learning analysis. In addition, Aidy also assists the user to organize and document the work being done so that the analysis can be referenced and understood in the future.

Licensing Information:

Aidy for Excel add-in requires a valid subscription of Aidy

We currently only support Microsoft 365 Office (Ver. >= 16.0.13530.20424, Chromium-based Edge) on Windows 10 / Windows 11.

App capabilities

When this app is used, it
  • Olvashatja és módosíthatja a dokumentumot
  • Adatokat küldhet az interneten keresztül