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Embark by Hermis is an AI companion for every onboarding journey

Embark is a purpose-built app for onboarding a modern workforce in a distributed and hybrid organization. Embark can be used by leaders who are looking to streamline their onboarding process and enable a new hire become productive in their role quickly.

Onboarding is an important aspect of a new hires journey within the company. But do you know if your new hire is being onboarded correctly? Is the buddy system working? Are the managers participating? Is there a predictable path for the new hire to be productive after the first few weeks?

Embark enables you to onboard your new hires efficiently and consistently with features like:

- Embedded short-form videos and presentations for hard-to-explain concepts

- Gamification to make it interactive and engaging

- Self-paced or hosted sessions to provide independence and flexibility in onboarding

- Custom journey maps for various roles and functions to provide a consistent experience

- Manager involvement and buddy program as it takes a village to onboard

Embark makes the best practices from various leaders across industries available to you out of the box, enabling you to up-level the onboarding experience of new hires in your organization.

Give your new hires a red carpet welcome with Embark by Hermis. Try now!

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