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Super fun and engaging events in just a few clicks.

Quizmodeon is an Audience Engagement platform that offers a variety of interactive activities that can be fully customized to meet your event’s specific needs. You can start with a quiz and then explore the wide options from our extensive library such as polls, q&a sessions, taboo and tombola events. After that you just invite participants to join on their own devices.

With Quizmodeon, you can accommodate thousands of players at once as well as share Leaderboards and Rewards to boost Gamification, Motivate your employees, Collect audience data, Increase your brand awareness, Test and Analyze your HR activities, and much more!

With Quizmodeon, you can take your Microsoft Teams meetings to the next level by incorporating engaging quizzes, polls, q&a sessions and more. Quizmodeon's interactive events keep participants actively involved, fostering engagement and preventing minimizing passive attendees during your Microsoft Teams meetings.

How does the Quizmodeon Teams App work?

Host an event that can be a quiz, survey or any other interactive Quizmodeon session.

Share the participation link within the Microsoft Teams App.

Share the screen, leaderboards, questions and event flow within the Microsoft Teams Meeting without having the need to go to the web browser.

What are the main features you get from a Quizmodeon Subscription?

No need for an app download, it can be easily accessed by all mobile and desktop devices.

Custom branding feature to emphasize and make your brand look special.

Gamified scenarios for the quiz produce a memorable experience for the participants

Provides an entertaining solution for HR recruitment, training, marketing strategies and much more.

Be ready to add some energy to your next online event!

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