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The all-in-one solution for seamless enrollment and event scheduling on SharePoint & Microsoft 365.

Say goodbye to your countless Excel files and multiple Microsoft Forms! Streamline your event planning with our Event Management App on SharePoint and Microsoft Teams. Effortlessly create, publish and manage events & handle registration. From flawless Outlook calendar integration to managing enrollments and feedback: our app includes essential features to streamline event management in your organization within Microsoft 365 and Teams.

The app included following key features:

  • Schedule and publish events in no time: Schedule and share events on SharePoint Online and Microsoft Teams with just a few clicks.
  • Use Event templates: Create event templates and schedule events within seconds.
  • Easy enrollment: Attendees can register or have organizers do it for them.
  • Automatic Outlook Calendar Invitation with RSVP status check: Attendees receive email invitations and updates to scheduled events directly in their Outlook calendars.
  • Keep track of enrollments: Check and monitor the status responses of the participants (accepted, declined, ...) at any time in an easy-to-read registration list.
  • Customizable email invitation templates: Configure the style and content of invitations and other email templates to suit your needs.
  • Fully customizable: All lists, views and pages created by the add-in are customizable to suit your specific needs.

Comprehensive Enrollment Management

  • Waiting list: enable a waiting list and allow attendees to register with first-come, first-served automatic registration if an event is full.
  • Enrollment start and deadline: Set enrollment start date and enrollment deadline for each event.
  • Set up recurring Events on SharePoint: Set up events by day, week, or more complex patterns- The app gives you the same options as Outlook.
  • Request information upon enrollment: Create customizable enrollment forms to gather the information you need from the participants (dietary requirements, flight number...).
  • Promote events on your website, intranet, in Teams, Outlook or newsletter.
  • Share public event: Provide a responsive website for external and mobile users to allow them to sign up for your public events. E-mail addresses are verified to make sure you communicate with their owners.

Advanced Calendar & scheduling

  • Meeting room reservation: check availability and book Exchange rooms directly in the app.
  • Time zone: The app is fully compatible with global time zones.
  • User-friendly Calendar View: Show your scheduled events in a Calendar view.
  • Wish list: Let users manage their wish lists & Schedule events people are interested in.
  • Reporting made easy: Use MS Excel and Power Bi to extract and analyze data and create dashboards.

Note: The solution has to be added manually to the site where you want to use Event Management as it will not deploy to the entire tenant. See the installation guide for more details.

The solution contains Webparts, Application Customizers, List View Command Sets, Field Extensions and Form Customizers. The solution automatically configures all of these features for you. However, if you want to change web part settings, add web parts to exising or new pages, etc., feel free to do so.



User Guide:

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