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Instantly pull and organize private equity reports directly from the Entrilia Fund Accounting system

Simplify and streamline your private equity reporting with Entrilia for Excel. This robust tool empowers you to effortlessly pull and organize reports, including financial statement packages, capital account statements, fund performance, portfolio data, and more, directly from the Entrilia Fund Accounting system in real time.

With Entrilia for Excel, you can instantly access the latest data from your Entrilia Fund Accounting system with a single click.

The iterative nature of reporting often involves last-minute changes and adjustments due to additional transactions in your accounting system. Entrilia for Excel offers a seamless solution, allowing you to refresh individual reports or the entire package comprising multiple reports mapped to different tabs, all with a simple click.

Maintaining the integrity of your custom reconciliation checks and formulas is crucial. With Entrilia for Excel, you can rest assured that your customized elements remain untouched while the main sections sourced from the fund accounting system are updated.

No more tedious copying and pasting of results into separate tabs. Entrilia for Excel integrates your reports seamlessly into Excel, saving you valuable time and effort. Experience a streamlined financial reporting process and enjoy the efficiency of Entrilia for Excel.

About Entrilia

Entrilia is a modern SaaS operations platform tailored for Private Capital Funds that assists in the creation of robust financial data to facilitate automated business intelligence at scale. Our Fund Accounting product is specifically designed to enhance collaborative work-spaces along with the integration of complimentary applications and data sources.

To learn more about Entrilia or to request a demo, please visit our website at

Note: Entrilia for Excel is exclusively available to clients of Entrilia and requires a valid Entrilia license.

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