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Visualize categories as individual slices with multiple pie/donut chart types and functionalities

The xViz Advanced Pie Donut chart shows how numerical data (measure) is split between levels of a defined variable and divided into percentages of the total sum. The xViz Pie/donut chart allows the user to compare the relationship between several parameters (for example, categories, products, gender, geography, and so on) within a given context.

Use this Pie/donut chart to show the relationship of different parts to the whole. They work best with dimensions that have a limited number of categories. Each categorical value corresponds with a single slice of the circle, and the size of each slice indicates what proportion of the whole each category level takes.

Key Feature Highlights:

  • Ranking – Apply Top N or Bottom N logic filter down the categories dynamically. You also have the option to label the “Others category” for all categories that don’t fit in the Top/Bottom N selections.
  • Total – Display the Total value inside your donut chart and add a title below the total value.
  • Variable width pie – Create a dynamic pie/donut chart with unique radius sizes tied to data values by adding an extra dimension and getting more context about the data than other standard visuals.
  • Chart types – Choose from multiple donut and pie chart options including standard, arc, and semi-circle. You can even choose to make your visual 3D and customize radii, angles for Arc charts, and more!
  • Data labels – Add data labels and format them to show only the category, data value, %of total, o all three. You can also apply custom number formatting, data label backgrounds, and format the connector lines to show as a single color or the same color as the slice.
  • Styling – Apply different styling patterns and options to each series including a gradient color effect. Especially when you use Top N filtering, you can choose to format “other category” with a gradient effect and make it stand out.
  • Conditional Formatting – Highlight outliers based on set rules, to gain insights into your data.
  • Summary Table – Gain a tabular overview to see the data behind the visual. Also, you can slice and filter your data to your liking.

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