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Natural Language Generation and Natural Language Query for data visualizations.

Phrazor for Power BI is a Natural Language Generation (NLG) and Natural Language Query (NLQ) plugin that integrates with Power BI dashboards and reports to draw insights from data, add natural language narratives to visualizations and provide intelligent answers to your questions. It serves as a powerful extension to the visualization tool. Phrazor's NLG capability provides immediately understandable narratives to enhance findings from the dashboard. Its NLQ feature helps ask questions to your data and draw insights without generating reports. Phrazor plugin also enables the dynamic generation of custom narratives based on the dimension selected. This allows you to focus and drill down on specific findings to get the answers you need in real-time. The plugin provides a no-code solution for business users to generate actionable insights. Select Phrazor from Microsoft's AppSource marketplace and choose the Power BI workbook or report you are looking to query for data-driven insights. The plugin's functionalities are available for all Power BI users with no additional purchase required. For documentation on how to use the plugin visit -

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