PmBI - Process Mining by ProcessM

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Analyze your business processes to discover real behaviors, performance, deadlocks, and bottlenecks!

PmBI means Process mining through Business Intelligence, and it enables having advanced process mining analysis simply along with other BI self-service visuals. So you can enjoy your business analytical journey based on process mining with PmBI on your laptop, tablet, or smartphone.

Here are some highlighted features of PmBI:

  • Fully interactive tool for better understanding the hidden knowledge of real processes
  • End to end process visualization in the simple, understandable format (directed flow graph)
  • Discovering delayed activities and resolving violated paths
  • Supporting cross-filtering, filtering history, smart coloring, customizable setting, and hundreds of other useful features
  • Cross-filtering and smart coloring for highlighting noticeable remarks in the resulting model

Mandatory Input Data

Before starting to enjoy the process mining with PmBI, make sure that your data set has the following attributes of an event log:

  • Case ID is a unique value for all executed activities relating to a particular object like a case, customer, product, or offer.
  • Activity is related to the name of activities participating in the process.
  • Timestamp records the execution time of a specific activity related to a particular case.

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