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Track patterns, classify data, work on clusters and perform many other types of analysis.

Inspired by the legendary sword of King Arthur, experience the power of our filtering tool – Excalibur. It is designed to make your data-slicing process in Power BI Reports more accessible and user-friendly. Tested on 5 million rows for its superior performance, it improves the speed of your filtering process. Enjoy the below features: • Ease of selecting multiple fields at the same time, with the choices made by the user to be visible at a glance • Reduces the complexity of filtering by multiple fields while keeping track of the options the user has already made • Get prompt results by typing relevant data in the search box. It enables users to find specific content in their reports quickly • Enables the user to select all values at once without having to choose each value manually, thus saving time • Helps users create an easy-to-use, intuitive filter for their reports and dashboards • With an array of options to format the visual data based on color, font, size, etc., be sure to create an impression • Option to clear selected values is available at multiple levels, which helps users to clear values quickly as per their convenience Wield this in your battle of data analysis, cut through data layers, and emerge victorious.

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