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Hierarchy Chart by MAQ Software

Discover the power of visual hierarchy to depict relationships within any organizational, departmental, or functional area. Hierarchy Chart by MAQ Software transforms complex structures into intuitive, top-down structured tree diagrams. Incorporate images to bring your data to life, offering a clear, visual representation of various entities and their connections.

Key benefits

  • Customizable appearance: Modify connector links, card dimensions, borders, and corner radius for a personalized look.
  • Color coding: Assign colors based on the Legend column to signify different statuses or categories.
  • Interactive cards: Expand/collapse levels and cross-filter other visuals to explore your data.
  • Navigational freedom: Zoom and drag features allow for adaptable visualization positioning.

Use cases

  • Sales: Analyze sales performance by territory or target achievement, using color-coding for clarity.
  • Human Resources: Organize your workforce by department and rank, improving clarity and planning efficiency.
  • IT management: Catalogue IT assets by category and quantity, providing a comprehensive overview of resources.
  • Operations: Visualize manufacturing processes or product components in detailed hierarchical formats.
  • Finance: Illustrate budget distributions across divisions or projects, using color coding to identify areas on or off track.

Support & Community

Have questions or need support? Visit our community on Zendesk for insights and assistance: MAQ Software Support.

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