Adjust App Analytics by Metricalist

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Track mobile marketing metrics, app installs, user retention, campaign performance and app events.


Connect your Adjust account data to Power BI using this template app. Adjust is the mobile marketing analytics platform trusted by growth-driven marketers around the world.

  • Dashboard: Measure the performance of your app to help you make informed decisions, attribute app installs as well as in-app events to the media source.
  • Campaign Performance: Shows all campaign related metrics which include impressions, clicks, conversion, reinstalls, reattribution and more.
  • User Retention (Cohort): Analyze user retention on a regular basis, monitor your app user retention rates in different time frames such as daily, weekly and monthly.
  • App Events: Tracks how a user interacts within the app. Shows the most triggered app events and trend.


This Power BI app is FREE to use and can be deployed via Microsoft AppSource. Once deployed it will be connected to sample data until you're ready to connect your Adjust data. You can use the template app as is and you can also edit the report from Power BI service (online) or use the dataset to author a new report.

  1. To get your App ID, login to and select the Mobile App you want to track. Your App ID will be in the URL between /default/ and ?(question mark). For example:
  2. To get your user token, from, click on My Profile then API Token.
  3. The other parameters control other visual elements as well as unlock the premium version of the report.

An annual license can be purchased from here and unlock historical data (older than 1-month), enable custom branding plus a year of support and updates from the developer.

If you have a question/suggestion or require support please leave a feedback on this page: