Media Events Dashboard

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Media and Entertainment Solution - Events Dashboard

Holding events is a part of business today, whether the events are virtual or in-person, it is a valuable opportunity to connect with your customers or partners. To hold a successful event, not only must you have all of the planning in place, but you also have to have the ability to easily understand what is working and what is not. With the latest update to the Media accelerator, we are providing a sample dashboard as a starting point to gain a greater understanding of an event. This sample dashboard already integrates with our Media Accelerator and the common data model for Media & Entertainment. Some of the components we have added to this dashboard include: • Event Registration overtime • Loyalty program engagement and success • Comparisons of registrations to attendance, who is actually coming? • Registration by location • Session engagement, what people are most interested in • Profile of attendee This sample application, having been built on Power BI, is just a starting point to gain much deeper analytics based on the needs of the business. Media Accelerator Documentation can be found at Engage with experts and peers within the Industry Accelerator Community.