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A future proof analytics on Microsoft technology enriched with’s IP.

empower client The empower suite of apps seamlessly integrate your data, business logic, and processes to get to you the platform to supercharge your growth. The empower apps provide a rich interactive front-end user experience, which is completely adapted to how and where you want to work. empower client is a subscription-based, data-driven, insights product that provides up-to-date client analytics to help turn these valuable insights into key actions that your organization can implement. Empower your sales teams with accurate and intelligent client insights to drive better decision making and always be prepared to respond effectively to current and anticipated business challenges. Empower your finance leaders to gain relevant insights to develop financial metrics that are client-specific (revenue per client, profit per client segment, lifetime value, recurring/non-recurring revenue, etc.) to better understand the client in order to increase profitability.’s empower client now comes with a unique functionality – GLOBAL KEY client – that sets us apart. This functionality helps you KNOW YOUR client – who they are, where do you invest your time and effort in a client relationship, who your biggest clients across your entire organization are, and more. empower client delivers business ready reports allowing you to focus on the largest revenue generators from day 1