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Intelligent skills management, staffing, workforce planning platform

Our world isn’t going to stop changing, and neither are your people.

That’s why global businesses turn to 365Talents when they want to prepare their teams for the future.

With its unique Skills Intelligence engine, it makes skills mapping and career pathing so intuitive and easy for your employees, managers and RH teams.

Our platform uses machine learning and powerful algorithms to detect employees’ skills and expertises and match them with internal personalized opportunities such as jobs, projects, trainings…

you can move forward knowing you’ve got the right people with the right skills.

The platform integrates with all HR (HCM, LMS) and Digital Workplace Tools (including MS Sharepoint, Teams, Yammer...) and is deployed over MS Azure infrastructure.

Customers are Large Enterprises in a wide range of sectors (Financial, Services, Manufacturing, Public sector, Transportation...)