CADLearning Subscription Service

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CADLearning Performance Support

Learn Autodesk products with complete integration into AutoCAD, Revit, Inventor and Navisworks with complete tracking of progress. Your engineers, arcitects and other Autodesk designers will become more productive, lowering costs and increasing revenue as a result of increased skill.

CADLearning is an Azure based platform utilizing over 80% of the Azure stack to provide best of breed core and custom content including videos using smooth streaming media services to ensure that content is always available no matter the bandwidth, in the office and on the job site. In addition, CADLearning provides Xamarin-based iOS and Android apps, a Windows 7 WPF app and soon a full UWP Windows 10 app with Cortana skills integration. Further, the CADLearning plugin, which integrates into many Autodesk products will give you context sensitive help as you use the product and make live suggestions of workflows and other materials that might be useful.

CADLearning utilizes the Microsoft Bot Framework and Azure Machine Learning and AI to be able to provide contextual and timely help with full escalation to product experts available if the AI cannot answer your questions directly.