SafeTrx App

kiadó: 8 West Consulting

SafeTrx is a marine tracking and alerting solution taking the 'search' out of 'search and rescue'

SafeTrx is a tracking and alerting platform developed by 8 West and launched in 2013, now in use in ten countries (with three more in implementation) and with approximately 250,000 users. The platform is designed to “take the search out of Search and Rescue”. SafeTrx is designed in close co-operation with Coast Guard and SAR (search and rescue) professionals around the world and has become the leading maritime non-GMDSS safety system. The SafeTrx app creates a direct connection between the person out at sea and the community onshore. The boater uses SafeTrx to track their trip while they are out at sea and can press a button to call for assistance. The app transmits real time tracking data to a SAR or rescue coordination centre (RCC). The boater can also choose to share their position with family and friends, allowing them to follow the trip from the shore. At the core of SafeTrx is the Monitoring Console, a web-based interface for SAR authorities to rapidly assist in locating an overdue vessel. Position, speed and heading information obtained from the Smartphone’s GPS is transmitted periodically back to the SafeTrx server. With access to critical location data, boater, vessel and emergency contact information, SafeTrx shortens the uncertainty phase in an overdue case and reduces SAR response times as a result. SafeTrx’s intelligent warning system activates timely alerts on overdue Sail Plans. A Sail Plan that exceeds its Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) triggers an escalation procedure which notifies the boater and their designated contacts ashore. SAR authorities are notified through the Monitoring Console alerting function and the system will also activate an email alert to the Rescue Coordination Centre (RCC) overseeing that area. The overdue escalation process is fully customised to follow the SAR authority’s existing Standard Operating Procedures (SOP). The success of a SAR incident response depends greatly on the ability to direct SAR resources as efficiently as possible. SafeTrx supports SAR authorities in meeting this challenge with a system capable of extracting all the relevant knowledge to sustain interoperability between the many agencies engaged in SAR operations. SAR operational support tools such as SitRep generation, temporary third-party console access and quick incident sharing allows for more efficient resource management and deployment.