ABB Ability™ Smart Sensor

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Smart Sensors connect your industrial assets to the twenty-first century

ABB Ability™ Smart Sensorconverts industrial assets, such as motors, mounted bearings, gearing and pumps into smart devices. It monitors key operating parameters and provides information about the equipment's health and performance.
The data is transferred to the Microsoft Azure cloud-based platform, using built-in Bluetooth® Low Energy technology. It is then analyzed with advanced algorithms based on ABB’s extensive know-how. The server sends this information directly to the user’s smartphone and to a dedicated ABB Ability™ Smart Sensor portal.

Smart Sensor is the key element in advanced IOT analytics

Higher availability

The ABB AbilityTM Smart Sensor enables users to detect problems before they occur. Thus, maintenance can be planned in advance, preventing unplanned downtime and extending the lifetime of the equipment.

Reduced cost
ABB AbilityTM Smart Sensor can help save money with capital, operating, and energy costs. Over time, energy consumption can be considerably reduced when management uses Smart Sensor insights to upgrade the plant.

Improved safety
Easy to deploy and scale, the sensors reduce risk by decreasing time on the floor for maintenance workers. They enable access to assets that are difficult or dangerous to access.

1. Leading agribusiness, Olam International, has ABB Ability™ Smart Sensors installed in its plants across Asia. After a few weeks the sensor picks up increasing vibration values, user replaces motor without panic. New motor shows normal vibration.
2. Cutting Edge Services, a service provider in the UK, uses ABB Ability™ Smart Sensors to capture the data from motors to understand when they need servicing and how efficient they are.
3. Egger, a Swiss pump manufacturer, partners with ABB to install smart sensors on all pumps, starting to build a strong service offering towards end users.
4. Tenaris, a leading global manufacturer of steel pipe products, installed ABB Ability™ Smart Sensors at its plant in Italy. The smart sensors detected motor anomalies, signaling alarm states. They identified the exact moment when a water pump started to fail. 5. Transcontinental Advanced Coatings extends successful pilot of ABB’s smart sensor monitoring and predictive maintenance solution as it aims for zero downtime.
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