ACI Payments Orchestration

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Orchestrate payments flows across all client touchpoints

In today’s payment landscape, fragmentation is widespread. Features and functions are scattered across various platforms, creating challenges for enterprise merchants. They struggle to manage cost, comply with industry requirements and drive innovation. The lack of a unified platform results in inconsistent money-handling processes, operating rules and increased expenses. Additionally, exiting solutions tied to acquirers, limit merchants’ independence and flexibility. Complexities arising from diverse regulation and cross-border expansion further escalate payment costs and hinder growth.

The role of Payments Orchestration. Merchants face several critical market drivers that underscore the importance of adopting Payments Orchestration:

ACI’s Payments Orchestration platform not only boasts modernity, flexibility, and security but also integrates AI-powered payment intelligence. This intelligence is essential for our customers to optimize their payment processes and enhance overall payment experiences. All of these capabilities are available through a single, unified platform. Whether you’re a merchant or a PSP, this platform can help you stay competitive and improve overall payment experiences.

Key Features

    • Global Connectivity: ACI seamlessly integrates with 1,000+ Acquirers, 70+ BNPL providers, 120+ Crypto Coin types, and 200+ Wallet providers. This ensures support for Real Time Payments across various customer touch points (mobile, IOT, digital, ecommerce, in-store, chat)
    • Beyond Competitors: The ACI Payments Orchestration Platform allows configuration, tokenization, and reconciliation of payments, leading to better conversion rates, business expansion, and cost savings. Our proprietary Fraud Orchestration platform, backed by a global team of human Fraud Specialists, enhances security
    • Strategic Investment: ACI continually invests in its roadmap and development, ensuring that ACI merchants have access to cutting-edge technology for implementing the latest payment trends. As a white-labeled technology layer, ACI serves the global market
    • Omnichannel Excellence: ACI’s Intelligent Payments Orchestration extends beyond online transactions to in-store and omnichannel strategies, providing a holistic solution
    • Multi-Acquiring Strategy: Merchants partnering with ACI can leverage a multi-acquiring strategy, optimizing conversions, mitigating risks, and streamlining costs

ACI powers payments for 6 of the top 10 global retailers, serving over 80,000 merchants directly and through PSPs across various industries, including retail, fashion, grocery, fuel, hospitality, travel, ticketing, telcos, and QSRs