Mesh Intranet

kiadó: Acuvate Software Ltd

Mesh - An Intelligent Modern Intranet

Mesh is an Intranet Accelerator solution using which organizations can get started with their Intranet Journey. It comes with a host of different features for Communication, Collaboration, Social, Authoring and more. It’s a ready to use intranet that can be deployed on Office 365 SharePoint Online.

Some of the key features you can find in Mesh are

Mesh WorkBench, is an effective way for governing in a decentralized and agile way. It's a powerful content authoring CMS system built into SharePoint. It will help you to create and manage content faster with few clicks and avoid multiple SharePoint admin screens.

MyZone, is a powerful personalization engine with which the Intranet users can personalize their spaces by choosing what sections or features one wants to see on landing page sections, notifications, favorite links, Subscriptions of categories or news sections etc.

Cognitive Enterprise Search, is a Quick, Smart and Insightful Search tool, which can connect to almost all the LOB Applications in your organization to fetch the results additionally uses Cognitive services to expand giving results in ways like expert search, Image & video search etc. This search can become like a of your organization.

Powerful Usage Analytics with SEEK gives insights of how much of adoption is happening in the Intranet by country, city, by devices, browsers, OS, by pages or categories etc. with these kind of insights Intranet admin or HR admin can take right measures to take information or increase the adoption of the intranet.

MeshBOT is an AI powered chatbot for Intranet with which users can chat to access Intranet content. Powered by the Acuvate's Robust AI platform called BotCore, an award winning AI platform, which can be connected to multiple channels like WebChat, Skype, Teams etc.

Powerful set of Communication and Collaboration features to stitch a perfect Intranet for your organization. Various communication tools covering Top down, bottom up and lateral communication like announcements, management speak, awards, opinion poll, events etc. and various collaboration templates like Department sites, Internal Magazines, CSR, Fun at Work, Multimedia Gallery, Classifieds etc. are available

Mobile Ready, Mesh solution is fully mobile ready which enables the employees to find the information from anywhere, anytime in a very intuitive way and is also fully compatible with Microsoft SharePoint App.

UX Flexibility and Richness is one of our flagship feature. we understand that each and every organization's culture and needs are unique and the Intranet's User Experience will to be tailored to make intranet unique to the organization.

There are many other features which can excite you, For a detailed demo where you can experience and get impressed by our Modern Intelligent Intranet, click on 'Contact Me' button.