Adeptia Connect

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Adeptia Connect: Business Application for B2B and Ecosystem Integration

Adeptia Connect makes you easier to do business with by allowing your business users to onboard partners with a no-code approach.

Adeptia Connect is a modern, B2B application that accelerates time-to-revenue by up to 75% by enabling IT people to empower business and operations users to self-manage new clients and partners. is essential to retain customers, while expanding and growing their business.

Adeptia Connect shifts operational load from IT to Business Users, while IT retains governance and is available for more productive tasks. Be it B2B Integration, cloud to cloud Integration, other cloud-based application integration, or any application integration (EAI), Adeptia Connect is an enterprise integration solution which lets you cover all integration needs.

No longer do business users need to wait for technical people in IT to free up before they can onboard new clients or exchange data with a trading partner. With Adeptia Connect, business users can drastically shorten their time to revenue by performing their own B2B integrations.