AGRIVI 360 Farm Enterprise

kiadó: AGRIVI d.o.o.

AGRIVI 360 Farm Enterprise - Farm Management platform for Enterprise Farms

AGRIVI is an award-winning global Agri-Tech company that delivers a market-leading farm management platform to companies in food and agriculture industry.

360 Farm Enterprise is a comprehensive farm management platform for enterprise farms.

It is a part of AGRIVI's 360 Product Family.

AGRIVI’s 360 Farm Enterprise platform is a central cloud-based software solution that gathers all agricultural data, IoT data, and real-time field information by providing a powerful knowledge-based platform that provides enterprise farms with actionable agronomic and economic insights for making data-driven decisions.

The platform is available as a web-based application and as a native mobile application for iOS and Android devices with the main function - offline mode, which allows usage of the AGRIVI mobile applications without internet connectivity. 

AGRIVI 360 Farm Enterprise is a perfect fit for integration with customers' ERP or other existing software solution. 

With the built-in multilanguage support for 15 languages, international customer success service, Agrivi serves customers worldwide and offers the ability to cover multi-country operations with a single platform. 

AGRIVI 360 Farm Enterprise is supporting all crop types, such as: fruit, vegetable, grain, and other plants.

AGRIVI 360 Farm Enterprise main functionalities:

  • Farm Resource Management (Crop, fields, machinery, people, inventory)
  • Farm operations (planning, tracking, and analyzing complete crop production)
  • Farm Scouting (NDVI Satellite Imagery, pest and disease knowledge-base, photo evidence with geo-tagging)
  • Weather and risk intelligence (Weather data, weather alarms, pest and diseases risk alarms.) 
  • Farm Finance Management (invoices, payables and receivables, budget, loan management)
  • Farm dashboards and analytics (field analysis, yield analysis, crop profitability, ROI, farm finance KPI's, reports)
  • Traceability report

AGRIVI is positioned among 5 global leaders in FMS industry and recognized as a perfect solution for companies in green covid-19 recovery and resilience plan for Europe. It has been listed in over 80+ market research companies as a global leader in FMS industry.

AGRIVI 360 Farm Enterprise is related and used with AGRIVI IoT Product Family:

  • IoT Fleet
  • IoT Meteo (Weather stations for field micro-climate monitoring)
  • IoT Soil (Soil sensors for soil conditions monitoring)