Dynamics 365 Integration for Gmail

kiadó: Akvelon

Smoothly integrate Gmail, Google Calendar and Dynamics 365.

  • ✓ Track emails and conversations from Gmail to Dynamics 365
  • ✓ Automatically sync emails to Dynamics 365
  • ✓ Convert important emails into tasks, show them in convenient To-Do list and save directly into Dynamics 365  
  • ✓ Add new prospects, contacts and companies from LinkedIn to Dynamics 365 in one click
  • Set the next actions and create new CRM activities directly from LinkedIn in order to plan and track all further communications with prospects
  • ✓ Sync events between Google and Dynamics 365 calendars
  • ✓ View, manage and navigate Dynamics 365 activities
  • ✓ Create Dynamics 365 entities and activities
  • ✓ Supports Custom objects and fields out-of-the-box
  • ✓ Install in less than a minute, no additional configuration needed

Akvelon’s Dynamics 365 Integration for Gmail is very pragmatic and includes countless possibilities for lead generation and organization in Gmail. It enables users to track down emails, conversations and attachments from Gmail and save them directly into Dynamics 365.

Quickly find existing records in CRM or create new entity with just one click and track correlated emails. No additional set up needed, this extension works out-of-the-box, supporting custom entities and attributes.

Replication of CRM Activities grid in Gmail provides users with the ability to quickly view search, view and manage CRM activities without leaving Gmail interface.

Google and Dynamics CRM calendar sync allows users to keep all events up-to-date and organized. It syncs in background mode and does not require additional actions while you are working.

Download the Free 14-day trial here: