Cognitive Mining Solution

kiadó: Analytikus, LLC

Unlock valuable information lying latent in all your content.

Businesses collect a staggering amount of data every day, largely in unstructured formats. Across industries, companies stand to benefit greatly if they can harness and refine this untapped resource. To do so, they need to extract structured data from unstructured content to make it more consumable by business systems, from search to analytics. This is where Cognitive Mining comes in.
Cognitive mining refers to the orchestration of a series of AI services to uncover latent insights in vast amounts of data. Cognitive Mining makes it easier to bring the benefits of AI, whether by enhancing search functionality in business applications or improving business processes through automation.
Conceptually, it is easy to see that Cognitive Mining can help any company needing to explore or surface a large amount of information quickly, repeatedly, and accurately. It can save hundreds of manual hours, enabling users to make informed decisions quickly and turn their attention to higher-value activities.