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kiadó: Analytikus, LLC

Help your students reach their maximum potential knowing in depth their personality

Value Preposition
We make an x-ray of the personality of your students to understand their potential level of success within the university. We use the texts they have written (essays, assignments, exams, social networks) to understand the features of their personality and predict the success they can have from different perspectives. Based on these understandings, universities can help their students reach their full potential.

What is it?
Advanced analytical solution developed through mathematical models.

How does it work?

• We integrate texts of essays, assignments, exams, forums, social networks of your students from cognitive models use that information to know your personality

• From the personality radiography of each student predicts its success with high rates of accuracy.
• We use Analytical models

• Identify which components of the students' personality optimize their passage through the university.
• Identify which are related to the possibility of failing a specific course and help them strengthen the areas of opportunity

• Dashboards to understand optimal personality traits in a context of specific success.
• Operational dashboards for teachers and career directors to identify the personality of their students

Key benefits
• Learn more about the personality of students
• Prediction of success in a course, semester, career
• On the part of the teachers, control the improvement of the classes by knowing in depth the students