kiadó: Anvert Kft

Email sentiment analysis & reply time tracking. Alerts for idle email threads within your business.

Anvert is a state of the art business email intelligence platform that offers actionable insights and reports to support your business to improve efficiency and increase revenue. It will reduce time spent with emails, increase the productivity of your employees and how your company is perceived by your stakeholders and customers. 

Key Benefits

Helps to oversee all business email accounts in an easy to use platform

Gives you insights on email sentiment to build and maintain good business relationships

Helps to motivate employees and improve their performance

Enables to contact more leads faster and reduce churn 

Makes email communication measurable to increase productivity

Helps to monitor remote and fixed teams or individuals

14 days free trial with the ability to load previous 10 days of data for initial analysis - no credit card data required during the trial period

Key Features 

Customizable alerts on idle correspondence based on predefined SLAs

Reply or forward emails directly from the app

Measures email volume and distribution to balance workload 

Tracks email reply time and first response time

See reply times of your employee both for internal and external emails

See reply times of your partners and customers

Sentiment index - measures the quality of the relationships between sales teams and clients and the changes in it over time

Emotion tracking - measures 8 key emotions appearing in email threads

Customizable business hours

Customizable access levels, alerts and reports

Anvert is easy to enroll all you need is an internet connection. 

We adhere to global AES-128 security standards keeping sensitive information safe at all times.