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UPP is an online fee payment management for schools, colleges, universities & other education setups

UPP is a Microsoft Dynamics based unique one stop solution for fee payment management for Institutes, facilitating the students, faculty & parents. On one hand it paves way for instant fee payment and on the other, it ensures safe and secure transaction, guaranteeing personal data protection. It is the answer to all the problems faced by institutes regarding fee management like it lets parents & students avoid long queues for fee payment, ready fee reports for schools/college/universities staff. From using modern payment & reminder mechanisms to allow efficient collection of late fees/ fines and receipt generation, UPP serves it all. With elite UPP students can pay using any bank account/ credit card/ debit card/ payment wallets etc. Also, elite UPP can be accessed in multiple languages on computer, making it more user friendly.

Benefit of UPP 

  • UPP is full fee payment management and not just a payment gateway.
  •  Provides a consolidated data of all the students with relevance to their fee.
  • Timely notifications and reminders on due dates, upcoming important dates, fines, late fee, upcoming events/seminar/activities (with their fee details) .
  • Need not subscribe multiple payment gateways 
  • Fee management for not just predefined course but also for activities in the running session.
  • No infrastructural requirements Instant fund transfer Supports fee record maintenance .
  • No botheration for fee collection process.
  • No implementation time .
  • Multi-currency support .
  • Capable of handling huge traffic on website .
  • Reports in terms of fee of different sorts for better information and analysis. 
  • Direct transfer of fee to Institute’s bank account