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SMACC is an All-In-One Cloud Accounting Software for Small & Medium Enterprises


- More than 72043 customers globally trust SMACC

- Poineer accounting software solution provider

- Relies on the principles of trust, integrity & simplicity

• Invoicing

Making invoices in SMACC is easier than you think. Create your own branded invoices using your customized information with simple process, or use the predefined templates.

• Reporting

SMACC Cloud Accounting Software has made reporting easy for its users. Create your own custom columns and your own branded reports to show data with drag and drop features using SMACC Reporting Tool.

• Inventory

Easily add items and track record of all your inventory with SMACC Inventory Management Software. Add your items into invoices and orders with ease and keep track of all your quotations, orders, returns and collections.

•Financial Accounting

SMACC Financial Accounting Software helps you to manage Payments, Receipts, Journal Voucher, Debit Notes, Credit Notes easily. Transaction Viewer makes it easy to track all transactions.

• Fixed Assets

SMACC Fixed Assets Management Software manages your all Assets, Asset Transactions, Maintenance, Maintenance Expenses and Depreciation and tracks record of all your asset listings and expenses.

• HR

SMACC Human Resource Management Software covers all administrative essentials to manage employees, employees salaries, vacations, pay slips and deductions.

• POS Management

SMACC POS Management Software is cloud based POS System that means it is accessible on web, desktop and both iOS and Android devices to save the time and boosts performance and productivity.

• Data Security

SMACC secures all your business information, bank accounts, users, passwords with its powerful security features and encrypts all your data with its complex algorithms to protect it.

• Tax Setup & Tax Rates

SMACC Tax Setup Tool helps you to set your own tax rate on all your invoices and transactions. SMACC has full support for Value Added Tax (VAT) for GCC countries businesses.

• Cloud Based

SMACC is a complete cloud accounting software that means you don’t need to install anything and even you don’t need to pay for latest updates. All updates are 100% FREE.

• Barcode Tool

SMACC has its own Barcode Tool to create barcodes with easy to use user interface and SMACC Barcode Printing Tool helps its users to print the barcodes in bulk and use it on packages and items.

• Customer Support

Our support team is always there to help our customers via phone, chat or email.