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Syracuse Portal


A modern digital workplace to improve your organization

Syracuse allows you to quickly implement a simple and user-friendly corporate intranet/extranet for your employees, customers or suppliers, easy to manage and customize.

Syracuse is :

  • A multimedia CMS, designed to be used daily by professionals without mastering HTML technology. It allows you to easily adapt your brand and is accessible by any type of device.
  • A powerful search engine that allows a homogeneous and intuitive access to all documents, information and knowledge bases of your company (SharePoint document warehouse, CRM database, exchange messages...). It provides access to external knowledge repositories (financial information database, scientific, technical or online training databases).
  • A solution for communication that integrates many ready-to-use functions: event calendar, newsletter and survey tools, integrated blogs,... to inform and communicate with all your company employees.

Syracuse completes your Office 365 environment by offering your emloyees a unique and attractive intranet/extranet. Syracuse evolves regularly and seamlessly by offering you new collaborative features.

If you have any questions, please contact us on our website