Area 1 Horizon Anti-Phishing Service

kiadó: Area 1 Security

Close the phishing security gap.

Moving to the cloud brings organizations greater productivity, but many experience a menacing security gap - phishing attacks that evades even world-class defenses - threatening data breach, financial loss, and brand damage.

Area 1 Security closes the phishing gap with a preemptive, comprehensive, and accountable anti-phishing service that fortifies security defenses for businesses of all sizes.

The service:

> Scans inbound messages to detect and block 99.997% of phishing email.

> Is the only cybersecurity service that proactively hunts for phishing infrastructure and payloads in the wild before attacks launch.

> Uses that early insight, in combination with advanced email analysis techniques and proprietary machine learning algorithms, to provide industry leading protection from phishing attacks.