AI Art Authentication Engine

kiadó: Art Recognition AG

AI Engine for art authentication and forgery detection

Are you considering buying or selling and artwork?
Art Recognition offers an intelligent AI software for art authentication and forgery detection. The AI is trained to learn the characteristics of different artists and has access to more than 1m images.

You can upload a photo of your painting via a protected, completely secured web application. In 7 days we deliver an encrypted AI report and certificate describing the AI analysis as well as the program’s assessment whether the painting belongs to the assumed artist. You will receive the encrypted AR Report and Certificate confidentially. 


- Fast: only a photograph of the artwork is required for the process; 
- Hassle-free: it doesn’t matter where your artwork is located, no need to transport and insure it.
- Unbiased: fully objective and data driven analysis;   
- Secure: AR reports and certificates come with an encryption recognised by the Swiss authorities.