We Transeth


Business management tool, respectively the business plan under implementation

We Transeth is a software tool for managing and implementing business plans, necessary for any entrepreneur who wants to digitize their business management. The application allows the management of the business by ensuring the control mechanisms on the following aspects:

  1. Establishment data management, company operationalization: uploading business establishment data and documents, notices and authorizations necessary for operation, registration of VAT status, bank accounts and subsidies (financing contracts), respectively human resources management but also uploading the project activities and the initial version of the Business Plan.

  2. Budget management: defining the budget structure and budget lines, uploading and modifying financial data, and managing budget versions, and depending on the uploaded operations, the budget execution is generated.

  3. Financial operations: allow the management of operations (income, expenses, other operations)

  4. Reports: we create the automatic generation of the Activity Report of the company that implements the business plan, which contains all the data uploaded and associated to a certain calendar interval.

  5. Archives: all operations and records / associated deliverables (*.pdf files) are uploaded in a predefined structure that can be downloaded in bulk or for the set calendar interval.

Besides these general functions (minimally described) they are completed by many others that can be identified by direct testing of the product, but also by going through the associated support documentation.