Azure Bot to Telephony Connector

kiadó: Attadale Partners, LLC

Extend your Azure bot – deploy to your existing telephony provider with our audio connector.

Power your audio bots with Azure AI.  Build once, deploy everywhere.

Customers are getting used to better chat bots – but the same quality experience is not usually available on the phone. An audio connector lets you deploy the power of the Azure bot ecosystem to your existing telephony provider for improved customer experience and savings.

Azure enabled solutions outperform traditional IVRs on all channels (web, SMS, computer audio, Teams, smart speakers, applications) with AI based conversational interactions and easy back-end integrations. Attadale’s connector extends this performance to your existing telephony system.

Using our connector, telephony bots can switch customers between channels or connect to an agent if they decide they need a different experience. Customer interactions are remembered across channels. Chats’ history can be served to Reps when you escalate, saving time and reducing frustration.

This application can also allow for bots to be used in “passive mode” – when a customer talks to a live rep, the bot listens to the conversation but does not directly interact with the caller. Instead, it can transcribe the call real time to reduce the need for note taking by the rep, monitor for when escalation is needed, or even prompt the rep with relevant information or resources based on the conversation.

Note – The current version of the connector is built for Twilio, but can be modified to connect to most telephony providers.

*In addition to licensing the application, we can also help you with implementation as a consulting agreement.

**This offer is only for the Audio Connector application and does not include creation or upgrading of existing bots – see our other offers to understand how we can help you build better bots.