Authentise Additive Workflow Manager

kiadó: Authentise

Data-drive workflow management and automation for additive manufacturing

The Authentise Additive Accelerator is a workflow management engine connected to additive machine data. With its help you can easily take in orders, quote, review, schedule, monitor and analyze your production. This tool now helps some of the most exciting companies involved in additive R&D, prototyping and production to reduce effort and cost, improve traceability and transparency and deliver quality. Customers often include either internal service bureaus or production houses, as well as additive manufacturing-focused service providers./contract manufacturers. We can help reduce cost per part printed by 13-42%, and decrease downtime by up to 31% as well as increase transparency and reduce quoting time. Select features include
- Order intake: Quoting, file analysis, resource estimation, rendering
- Management: Subcontracting, scheduling, app based shopfloor management, auto-update based on printer data, multiple locations...
- Reporting: Traceability reports, Email alerts, KPI Dashboards, Material Management, CSV Downloads...

Corporations use our over 700 APIs, native Flows integration, SSO support and more to tie Authentise into the core of their manufacturing operations.