Smart Scaler - The First Generative AI Autoscaling Tool for Kubernetes

kiadó: Avesha, Inc.

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A gen AI tool for predictive K8S horizontal pod autoscaling cost optimization and app SLA guarantees

Smart Scaler, utilizing Generative AI, not only guarantees your applications' SLA commitments, like response time and error rate, but also alleviates DevOps headaches associated with tuning application performance. It reduces cloud costs effectively by predictively scaling Kubernetes application resources at the precise moments they are needed, streamlining operations and enhancing efficiency.

Key Benefits:
  • SLA Guarantees: Smart Scaler guarantees application SLAs (response time, error rate, etc.), ensuring consistent, high-quality user experiences.
  • Cost Efficiency: Precise, just-in-time scaling of K8s application resources leads to significant cost savings by eliminating unnecessary resource allocation.
  • Predictive Autoscaling: Accurately predicts pod requirements, maintaining service availability without over-provisioning, thus ensuring SLA adherence.
  • Complete Automation and Employee Wellness: Automates resource scaling, reducing the need for constant team monitoring, thus promoting a healthier work-life balance for DevOps/SRE/Performance teams.
  • Intelligent Remediation: With AI and Reinforcement Learning, Smart Scaler proactively addresses potential issues, keeping services uninterrupted even under high load.
  • Environmental Impact: Reduces carbon footprint through efficient resource utilization, contributing to eco-friendly IT practices.

  • Data-Driven Insights: Harvests application and infrastructure performance data from various sources (Prometheus, Datadog, NewRelic, etc.), enabling informed scaling decisions.
  • Predictive Capacity Planning: Utilizes historical performance data to forecast pod capacity needs, ensuring optimal resource allocation.
  • Advanced Modeling: Develops sophisticated models of application behavior and traffic patterns with Gen AI and Reinforcement Learning, fine-tuning microservice scaling for SLA achievement.
  • Autonomous Scaling: Predictively adjusts resources in response to application needs, addressing event-based traffic spikes effectively.
  • Event Based Scaling: - Intelligently adjusts Kubernetes resources in real-time, responding to specific events such as traffic spikes or workload increases (games, marketing campaigns, sports betting events etc.) ensuring optimal performance and cost efficiency without manual intervention.
  • Easy to use SaaS UI: Easy to use Interface and Hands-free AI for Autoscaling frees up key Devops personnel from SLA concerns and performance tuning, streamlining operations.

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