LiteOn Campus

kiadó: Azendian Solutions Pte Ltd

Azendian's Data Analytics solution that enhances teaching and learning efficacy in institutions.

Developed by a team of data veterans, Azendian’s LiteOn Campus Solution applies Data and A.I. Techniques to empower learning institutions in enhancing teaching and learning efficacy, allowing their learners to attain their fullest potential. 

Get started with our top 5 in-demand modules:
1. Learner Profile: Student 360 View – an all-round view of student needs
2. Value Add – Tracks Performance of the institution and value-adds to the students’ experience
3. Student Needs and Progression Prediction – Progression prediction based on data driven needs evaluation
4. Intervention Strategy & Results Tracking – Develop systematic intervention strategies and track efficacy
i. Recommendation Engine – Recommendations made based on data insights collected