FranklyAI For Microsoft Teams SaaS subscription

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FranklyAI For Microsoft Teams SaaS subscription

Outperform your competition with FranklyAI for Microsoft Teams, a powerful tool that harnesses the capabilities of generative AI, like ChatGPT, to boost productivity and save time. Get the best of AI, right within your trusted Microsoft Teams ecosystem.

If you are worried about uncontrolled access to generative AI, then FranklyAI is your solution. With our app, you can provide your team with moderated AI access. Frankly is just like another contact on Teams, except with the power of ChatGPT and more. Our non-logging version of ChatGPT restricts or automates your organization's specific use cases.

FranklyAI not only seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Teams, but it also offers a multilingual interface and a range of features to improve staff productivity. You can collect valuable team insights and feedback, automate standard tasks, and ensure confidentiality. And, join our regular live online training sessions and webinars to keep up-to-date with generative AI.

With our modules for staff feedback and collecting lessons learnt through conversational AI, you can uncover the causes of project setbacks swiftly and facilitate corrective actions. FranklyAI engages in an active listening conversational style through Teams chat, allowing you to gather insights at a pace and level of engagement that traditional surveys can't match. To do this you only need to create an account on our portal – []( It's quick, easy, and the first step towards streamlining your feedback process, enhancing employee engagement, and making more informed decisions based on data-driven insights.

* Controlled generative AI access through Microsoft Teams
* Automation of common tasks
* Rapid collection of qualitative feedback
* Boost in staff productivity
* Elimination of inappropriate use cases
* Improve Your Competitiveness
* Regular online training

Fast-track the future of team productivity with FranklyAI.

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